Why G&M

At Gane and Marshall we have been organising Kilimanjaro climbs since 1991. In those early days, climbing Kilimanjaro was still considered a relatively unusual feat and UK Kilimanjaro specialists were few. Today, the market for Kilimanjaro climbs is more competitive than ever, but we think we still offer one of the best services in the business. Here’s why:

Experienced climb team

We provide one qualified mountain guide for every two climbers! This is the best ratio of staff to client on the mountain. Our guides and assistant guides are all KINAPA qualified and have climbed the mountain numerous times. Our crews undergo annual training courses in first aid, mountain rescue, client care, flora, fauna and geology every year. Each year Gane and Marshall and donors from among our returning climbers fund places at the one year Mweka Wildlife College course. The course is conducted in English and really enables our guides to be trained far above the average level of Kilimanjaro guides.

Personalised service

Book your climb with us, and you will receive detailed and personal attention from Jeremy Gane, managing director of Gane and Marshall, veteran of 21 Kilimanjaro climbs, one time owner of a Kilimanjaro trekking operation based in Arusha, Tanzania, and project manager of numerous high-profile Kilimanjaro climbs, including the 2009 Red Nose Day climb in support of Comic Relief. Jeremy will advise you as to route and season, kit and clothing, training, acclimatisation and he will always be on hand to help you plan your expedition so that you have the safest and happiest experience while on Kilimanjaro.

The added value of this personal service is far above that which other companies offer, whether local or UK-based.

Small group sizes

Unlike most other Kilimanjaro operators, our specialty is in running small group climbs. All of our open groups are capped at a maximum of 15 people per climb. While we can accommodate larger groups, we only do so on private climbs.

Large groups of 30+ have become increasingly common on Kilimanjaro with the proliferation of budget operators. We cap our group sizes to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of an open climb while still receiving the dedicated attention of an experienced climb team that you would expect from a private departure.

Despite offering smaller group sizes and the highest standards of service, we still manage to be very competitive in our prices.

Fair climbing costs

We arrive at a climb cost that is fair to you, to us, and most importantly to the team that will support you on the mountain. Our climb teams are properly paid, fed and clothed. Companies that offer lower costs than us invariably make up the margin by poorer provisions for their staff – especially cheap and low quality rations for climbers and crew on the mountain, and by requesting higher tips from their clients.

Tipping is used again and again by lower cost climb companies to substitute for fair and correct pay. In addition, chief guides are often allowed to distribute the tips to their team. Gane and Marshall climb support teams are paid the full recommended KINAPA and KPAP salaries, so we are not relying on the whims of clients paying tips to cover their salaries. The tipping operation is carefully regulated and this means that the tips we recommend are given individually to each crew member, so that even the most junior porter knows what he/she should receive and can check that they are being fairly treated.  Our climb crew are not asked (as crews are by many other Kili companies) to pay for their own food out of their salaries. We include meals as well as the correct salaries. This is the only fair and ethical way to remunerate the hard-working support teams on Kilimanjaro. Our teams receive full healthy meals every day of their climb, and they all receive low season training.

Responsible Tourism

Gane and Marshall supports the Kilimanjaro Guide Scholarship Foundation by funding training costs for at least one guide per annum.

We are also closely connected with the charity Community Projects Africa, which funds and organises several important projects near to Kilimanjaro including: school, vocational training, HIV/Aids, and clean water projects.

We are members of ETOG (Ethical Tour Operators Association operated by Tourism Concern), IMEC (International Mountain Explorers Connection); and we are of course ATOL licensed and bonded.