Kilimanjaro Climbs

Kilimanjaro Climbs is an online resource providing advice and information for anyone looking to climb Kilimanjaro. It is provided by Kilimanjaro climb specialists, Gane and Marshall.

So, you want to climb Kilimanjaro?
This site is designed to give you all the information you need to reach Uhuru Point, Kilimanjaro’s ultimate summit. If you’re unsure where to start, have a read of our planning your climb page.

The Routes of Kilimanjaro
We can help you to choose from the bewildering range of routes up Kilimanjaro. See our Kilimanjaro Routes pages for information on the various available routes, including Machame, Lemosho, Shira and Rongai, as well as lesser known routes such as the Northern Circuit. Other possible Kilimanjaro approaches, such as the combination of Kilimanjaro’s Umbwe Route with Mount Meru, the fourth highest peak in Africa, are also outlined.

Kilimanjaro’s climate
Your trek will take you through many climatic zones, from rainforest, Alpine moorland and high altitude desert, right up to the arctic summit. We give advice on suitable equipment and clothing, and on the best seasons to climb Kilimanjaro.

Climb for charity
We hope that you might decide to use your challenging climb to raise funds for a charity working in Tanzania. One such charity is Community Projects Africa, which helps impoverished peoples to build schools, health centres, irrigation projects, and to reduce the terrible impact of HIV-Aids. See the CPA page to learn more about their ongoing work in East Africa.

Your guide to the roof of Africa
This website was originally conceived of as a free resource for all things Kilimanjaro. While we do organise our own Kilimanjaro climbs, we’ve tried to ensure that the core information pages of our site are just that, information pages, free of advertising or eager exhortations for you to book your climb with us. Whether you’re climbing with Gane and Marshall or another operator, we hope you’ll find the information on this site informative and helpful.

Enjoy browsing our site and best of luck with your climb to the Roof of Africa!